Step 1: You will receive an unformatted Open Office spreadsheet that will contain open house information for a blog post. The image below shows open houses for Oct. 22-23 in West Sacramento, as of Thursday Oct. 20.

Step 2: Expand the width of the columns A through F so all text is visible.

Step 3: Select the data cells and copy.

Step 4: Paste the copied cells lower down in the spreadsheet.

5: Select rows to delete so that Column C is sorted into 10/22 (Saturday) and 10/23 (Sunday) blocks. At this stage do not select rows that have open houses on both days.

6: After deleting the selected rows the spreadsheet looks like this.

7: Now select cells from which to delete contents - we are continuing to separate the Saturday and Sunday open houses.

8: After deleting the contents of the selected cells the spreadsheet looks like this.

9: Select cells to cut and paste so that all open house date and time info is in columns C and D

10: After cutting and pasting selected cells.

11: Now select Saturday's open houses to sort by time

12: Sort Saturday's open houses by time (column D) and then repeat for Sunday's open houses by time. 

13: Because sorting by time doesn't work perfectly you have to move some rows around.  In this view the Saturday open house at 12:00 has been moved in front of the open houses at 1:00.  That still needs to be done for Sunday's open houses.

14: Now the Sunday open houses at 12:00 have been moved in front of the open houses at 1:00.

15: Now we select columns B, C and D and bold and right justify. Delete the column with the open house dates. Format the numbers in column B to currency. Note - it is important that the MLS numbers in column A not be bolded.

16: Select and copy Saturday's open houses

17: Open the appropriate open house blog post - in this case West Sacramento Open Houses Oct. 22-23 and paste in Saturday's open houses. Repeat with Sunday's. The blog post should like this while in the editing mode.

18: Each MLS number in the left column needs to be modified as has been done below.

19: Now the column widths need to be adjusted.

20: Click the "Save and Preview" button and confirm that it looks good, then publish and notify me.